Call Us Today (402) 277-7400   •   921 E 12街,瓦胡,东北68066
Call Us Today (402) 277-7400   •   921 E 12街,瓦胡,东北68066



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Omaha Steel is the New American Foundry. We have a long history and an exciting future. We’re committed to quality, excellence, and building trust with our current and future customers. And we’re looking for like-minded people. People who want to be the best – and work for the best.

Our success truly does begin with our people. Everything we do here depends on the quality of our employees. We’re focused on our customers’ success by meeting their needs with every job we do. We’ve set out to build the best team in the steel industry: people who have the skill, 开车, 致力于品质, coupled with a customer-centric attitude and work ethic. We demand excellence in every position because excellence in our work builds trust with our customers.


We value every employee at every level, from entry positions to managerial. 没有工作是不重要的. We view our employees as our most valuable asset. Every person who works here gets treated like a professional. And we expect professional results in return. Even though we’re a leader in our industry, we continue to raise the bar and never stop challenging ourselves. We have a commitment to quality to honor. If you share that same commitment, we’d like to hear from you.

Benefits of Full-Time Employment

Working at Omaha Steel has distinct advantages. As a full-time employee of Omaha Steel, we offer the following competitive benefits:

  • 医疗、牙科、愿景 & 残障保险
  • 9日带薪假期
  • 假期政策
  • 401(K) Plan with up to 4% company match
  • Opportunities to Continue 认证
  • 职业成长机会
  • Proud Partner of the Ride Share Program

Submit Your Information or Resume Today!

Omaha Steel is on a quest to staff our foundry with the area’s top people. We’re glad you have taken the time to view our open positions.

Fill out the form to the right and make sure to fill in each required field (marked with *). You may also upload your resume below (acceptable formats: .医生, .多克斯, .pdf). We also welcome in person applications at our facility, located at 921 East 12th 街、卫矛、NE.

If we determine you might be a fit for us, we’ll reach out to you via the contact information you provided.

  • 申请人信息

  • A conviction does not automatically eliminate you from employment consideration. The nature of the offense, when it occurred, and your truthfulness will be taken into consideration.
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  • 通过点击“提交,” I hereby affirm that the information provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I also understand that misleading or false statements will constitute as sufficient cause for refusal of hire or as a termination of my employment, even if discovered at a later date. I understand that neither the acceptance of this application nor the subsequent entry into any employment relationship with Omaha Steel Castings Company (OSCC) creates an actual or implied contract of employment. I understand if I accept employment with OSCC that it will be on an at-will basis. This means that either OSCC or I have the right to terminate any employment relationship at any time, 因为任何原因, 有或没有原因.

    I understand and agree to submit to drug and alcohol testing before any official employment offer is given to me. 我释放OSCC and its employees, plus other persons or companies, from any and all liability arising out of or related in any way to such testing. I also authorize OSCC to investigate information concerning my education, employment history and all other aspects of my background relevant to my proposed employment. This includes being subject to a thorough background check. 我释放OSCC, plus any other persons or companies, from any and all liability arising from such investigation.


Seeing in person how we implement our processes, and how they contribute to quality castings, can go a long way towards making the right decision. Schedule a tour with Omaha Steel, and we’ll give you an in-depth look at our commitment to quality.